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Community Service Requirement

Youth Service Learning

To be considered on track with the community service hour requirement you must have the following amount of hours turned end by the end of the grade level indicated:

        9th Grade:   22 hours          
      10th Grade:   44 hours              
      11th Grade:   66 hours

The 85 required hours to graduate may be done in one single project or they may be done from several projects. The following table indicates the categories of YSL projects, example projects/activities and the maximum amount of hours that will be allowed to count toward the required 85 YSL hours.


Type of Project


Max. # of Hrs. Allowed

Non-Profit Community or

School-Based Linked to Community

Organization Dinner or Event, Rodeo Set-up/Clean-up, Can Food/Coat Drives, etc.

No Limit

School-Based Only

Sport Fundraising, Campus Beautification, Score Keeper, Concessions


Job Shadowing

Medical/Dental Office, Construction,

City Hall, Mechanic Shop, Law Enforcement Ride-Along




  • Hours can only be completed before school, afterschool, weekends, and during the summer.  If you attend summer school, you can’t miss school to work on hours.
  • You must submit time sheet within 2 month from the last date of project to to receive full credit.  After 2 months it becomes ½ credit.  After a year you earn = no credit.
  • Hours completed during summer must be turned in within the first 2 weeks of school to receive full credit.
  • Complete entire form.  Forms missing the following will not be awarded credit: Supervisor Signature & contact #, Student Name & ID number.
  • Supervisor may not be a relative.
  • All projects should be approved prior to starting to ensure that it meets the requirements.



After School Program- All events contact Mike Flores at 564-7114

  • F.J White – 564-8021
  • Castle Rock – 564-8001

Non- Profit organizations

  • Kiwanis        
  • Rotary
  • Lion’s Club

Woodlake Youth Football - Contact people are James Sandoval ( or Claudia Andrade (

Woodlake Youth Soccer- Contact Greg Gonzalez at 300-0452 or Florencio Guerra at 564-5212.

Woodlake Family Resource Center (Healthy Start)- Contact Alma Escamilla at 564-5212 (3) Letters of Recommendation are needed.


Woodlake City Hall- Contact Irene Zacarias at 564-8055.

Police Department – 564-3346

 Woodlake Botanical Garden- Manuel Jimenez - 280-2483 or 564-3607

Vacation Bible School (VBS) or Church activities–

Contact Church pastor.

Sequoia Riverlands Trust- Kaley Dodson at 562-310-0168


SCHOOL RELATED: ( 22hrs max)

Club Fundraisers (Mecha, Interact, Key Club, etc.)- See Advisor

Schools Sport Assistance or Activities - Contact Coaches

  • Concession
  • Score Keeper, Stats
  • Water boy/ Water Girl
  • Ref @ Middle School Asst. Coach @ middle school.





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