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Career Pathways


The mission of Career Pathways is to equip students to successfully transition into

  • postsecondary education;
  • advanced career training or employment through standards-based curriculum and hands-on integrating: academic instruction, industry-recognized career and technical skills, and workplace readiness skills.

 The Career Pathways offered at Woodlake High School serve as an avenue for students to develop their college and career readiness skills.  Career pathways provide post-secondary education and training that is well organized as a series of manageable steps leading to successively higher employment opportunities.  These career pathway programs are intended to prepare students for high-skill, high-wage jobs in emerging and growing industry sectors in the local or regional economy.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is not “vocational education” anymore. It is a sophisticated and effective combination of a rigorous college-prep high school academic curriculum and hands-on training in career and technical subjects and workplace competencies. Students graduate with skills matched to employer needs and the knowledge to succeed in college or other postsecondary education, advanced career training or immediate entry into jobs with a meaningful career path.  CTE prepares students for their lives beyond the classroom by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in postsecondary education, advanced career training or immediate entry into jobs with a meaningful career path. CTE programs combine a rigorous high school academic curriculum with training in career and technical subjects and workplace competencies.

For questions regarding the Career Pathway Programs offered at Woodlake High School please contact Carmita Peña, Coordinator of College & Career Programs at (559) 564-3307 Ext. 308 or via email at



Agriculture & Animal science are focal points in today’s society.  Population is growing rapidly and the need for better technology to produce food in an environmentally safe manner has never been more important.  Students choosing this career path will learn about agricultural and environmental demands of today and how technology and sound agricultural practices will aid in meeting these demands.



Those who want to creatively express themselves in order to entertain, to inform, to challenge, and/or to inspire should explore this career path.  Arts and Communication (English) includes the areas of performing, writing, and visual arts.



Business is the heart of all enterprises. Business encompasses marketing, management, information technology, finance, accounting, and basic consumer awareness. In today’s global environment, individuals with effective communication skills and working knowledge of computer applications will find an enjoyable and successful career in business. Being exposed to computer software and the many facets of business is integral for all individuals regardless of the career path you choose.



If you want to help people, whether young or old, to live longer, safer, happier, and more fulfilling lives, then this is a great career path for you to choose.   Home Economics careers and technology enables students to become self-sufficient in work, personal and family life through consumer home economics content areas.




People in the technical, scientific and professional fields are the basis of the phenomenal world economy in which we live today.  People in these varied careers design, build, and regulate the transportation, communication, and energy systems required by this world economy.  They also build, manage, and distribute the products and services that are the substance of this global trade.  If you enjoy solving challenging problems through the use of technology, this is the career path for you.




As long as we live, we will need health care.  People in the healthcare field help others achieve emotional, physical, and mental well-being.  Whether it is working in the nutritional field, medicine, research, sports or fitness, the person who chooses this career path will like the fact that he/she is making a difference in someone’s life.


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