About Mrs. Darr

Catharine Darr was born in Hollister, California, a small, agricultural town near San Jose. As a child, her parents inspired her love of music; her mother and father both played the piano, and their family would sing show tunes and hymns together. After graduating from high school, Mrs. Darr lived a year in Argentina as a foreign exchange student with the American Field Service, where she became fluent in Spanish. Starting college as a Biology major, she took conducting, music theory and aural skills classes at the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. These classes ignited a dream- to build and nurture a creative community of singers committed to excellence. She transferred to Pepperdine University in Malibu, Ca, where she finished her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. She earned her Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music at California State University, Chico.

She has taught choir at Woodlake High School and Woodlake Valley Middle School since 2012.

She is married to cellist and poet Alex. Her hobbies include gardening, listening to old records, swing dance, and sitting on the couch with her orange, fluffy cat, Atticus.