Rhetorical Analysis
Our first unit is RHETORICAL ANALYSIS, learning to read critically to analyze the persuasive techniques an author uses to get his/her point across to a reader.

We lay the foundation together by reading, studying, and understanding the following two handouts:  Chapter 1 - Modern Applications of Ancient Rhetoric and Chapter 2 - Modern Approaches to Argument.  We juxtapose "Letter from Birmingham Jail" by Martin Luther King to apply the concepts we learned in chapter 1 and 2.

Next, we analyze VISUAL RHETORIC, examining the many subtle rhetorical techniques that advertisers use to "hook us."  The unit continues with analysis of a variety of texts, as well as the following resources:

1.  "Voice Lessons" by Nancy Dean
2.  "The Pearl Necklace" by Heather Sargent
3.  "A Lesson in Beginning Literary Analysis:  Fiction" by Dixie G. Dellinger
4.  JFK's Inaugural Address
5.  "The Gettysburg Address" by Abraham Lincoln
5.  "I Have a Dream" by Martin Luther King
6.  Analysis Essay Format.  This is a template illustrating the parts of a Rhetorical Analysis Essay.